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Chimney draft problems are easy to fix! Use Draft-Boosters on large smokers!

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Poor chimney draft is usually the result of many factors. One of the most common reasons for draft problems is the location of chimney in relation to prevailing wind direction and roof top. Other contributing reasons include short chimneys, elbows and smoldering fires resulting in low flue temperatures. Modern low emission wood-stoves operated at low fire have low flue gas temperatures.
All draft problems can be eliminated with a Draft-Booster that is installed on top of the chimney. This is the best method, as the entire chimney is kept under negative pressure. Smoke and toxic gases cannot leak out from the chimney or stove pipes. Any leakage is into the flue gases. No more back-draft! Our latest design is low cost, and it is very simple to install. The price is USD 98.00 plus shipping and handling. The kit includes stainless steel tubing, fittings, and caps with grommets to make mufflers for the pressure blower (you buy locally from Amazon). You also source black PE 3/8" OD tubing locally. This reduces shipping costs. See it in action on YouTube.
Let us know the dimensions for for chimney top. This info is allows us to make the most effective Draft-Booster for your chimney. Use the Contact Form.

Recover wasted energy with a Heat-Booster and heat water!

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The Heat-Booster is a special heat exchanger that is designed to recover wasted energy in flue gases. Energy is recovered in the form of hot air (~ 110 ℃ or ~ 230 ℉) that can be used for space heating or water heating the SAFE way. A Draft-Booster is required to compensate for cooled flue gases. Water cannot be overheated.
Hot air from the Heat-Booster can be blown through a special finned tube heat exchanger to heat water. Circulate water through the heat exchanger to tanks or hydronic systems. A Heat-Booster will provide a very high thermal efficiency. This is very important at higher firing rates. Contact us for current pricing for a Heat-Booster. Price is in USD 450.00 range.
We recommend the use of temperature controllers to operate blower. Use inexpensive PID type controllers with type K thermocouples. Auberins.com is a good source for temperature controllers and sensors. The PID output can also provide a 4-20 mA signal to a VFD drive that modulates blower speed. This is the ideal arrangement.
The picture shows the ultimate arrangement for heating water with a wood burning stove. Most of the energy from the wood is used to heat water the SAFE way, even during power failures. It is not possible to create steam explosions with this system.

Fight back against the "great reset" insanity by improving energy efficiency, not just combustion efficiency! CO₂ is greening the planet. "Climate Fraud" - What real science says.
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