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Chimney back - draft problems are easy to fix!

Poor chimney draft is usually the result of many factors. One of the most common reasons for draft problems is the location of chimney in relation to prevailing wind direction and roof top. Other contributing reasons include short chimneys, elbows and smoldering fires resulting in low flue temperatures. Modern low emission wood-stoves operated at low fire have low flue gas temperatures.
All draft problems can be eliminated with a Draft-Booster that is installed on top of the chimney. This is the best method, as the entire chimney is kept under negative pressure. Smoke and toxic gases cannot leak out from the chimney or stove pipes. Any leakage is into the flue gases. No more back-draft!
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The Draft-Booster mounts on the top of the chimney. A less than 6 inch diameter tube fits inside a standard 6 inch diameter chimney top opening. Three metal straps are attached to the Draft-Booster unit with screws, and the metal straps are fastened to the chimney with a screw clamp. A 3" diameter duct is connected to the Draft-Booster, and the duct connects to a blower in an accessible location. Attach a 7" diameter by 24-36" stove pipe section to top of the Draft-Booster. The unit is made using stainless steel. There are no restrictions or moving parts in the draft inducer unit. Current price is CAD 499.00 + shipping and applicable taxes. This includes Draft-Booster and blower only. Ducting etc. by others.

A customer comment: "I’m sorry I haven’t contacted you sooner but I’ve been working a lot at work. But I wanted to tell you that your product is so awesome. It used to take me over 2 hours to get stove burning really good plus a house full of smoke. But now it takes less then 5 minutes to have a roaring fire and no smoke. My wife and I was so shocked how quick and easy it is to start now. I’ve been telling everyone about it so that if they have the same problem I had then they know what to do about it. Now I’m really interested in your heat-booster but I’ll want to duct that air thru my basement floor into my main living area".

Heat water with your woodstove - The safe way!

The Heat-Booster water heating SAFE water heating system collects hot air from around wood stoves and a blower draws the hot air through a special heat exchanger. Install an inexpensive temperature controller to operate blower and circulation pump. Heat transfer stops when blower stops. Excessive pressures can never be created in this system. Contact us for current pricing for HX with blower. Price is in CAD 775.00 range.
Add a Heat-Booster with a second heat exchanger (~CAD 1,225) to recover heat from flue gases and to heat water. Combine the systems and transfer most of the heat from the wood burning to water. A Draft-Booster may be required in some situations.

Recover wasted energy with a Heat-Booster!

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The Heat-Booster is a special heat exchanger that is designed to recover wasted energy in flue gases. Energy is recovered in the form of hot air (~110°C or ~230°F) that can be used for space heating or water heating the SAFE way. A Draft-Booster is required to compensate for cooled flue gases. Water cannot be overheated.
Hot air from around a wood stove can be collected and drawn through a special finned coil heat exchanger located at the rear of a sheet metal box (custom built locally). The blower can also serve the Heat-Booster reclaimer and a second finned coil heat exchanger. Most of the heat from a wood stove can be used to heat water with this arrangement. This is ideal for hydronic heating systems.
A Heat-Booster will provide a very high thermal efficiency. This is very important at higher firing rates. Contact us for current pricing for a Heat-Booster with blower. Price is in CAD 780.00 range.
We recommend the use of temperature controllers. Use inexpensive PID type controllers with type K thermocouples. Auberins.com is a good source for temperature controllers and sensors.

Heat your pool with firewood!

Use old legacy wood-stoves for pool water heating. Older non-EPA type stoves burn clean on high fire. This is ideal for water heating. Use the Hot-Jacket heat exchanger together with a Heat-Booster connected to another heat exchanger. A Draft-Booster may be needed if chimney is short.
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