High thermal efficiency with HB24 reclaimers!


A vast majority of wood stoves are not thermally efficient. This is because combustion is incomplete, and much heat escapes up the chimney. Most of this wasted energy can be recovered to heat your house or water.
A blower passes room air through heat exchanger where the air is typically heated to between 90°C-150°C depending on operating conditions and stove size. This heated air can be directed into rooms, or it can be used to heat water when an optional finned copper coil is installed.
Heat exchanger creates pressure drop (resistance to gas flow), and this must usually be compensated for by installation of a

Picture on the left shows typical emissions resulting from poor combustion in wood stoves. This is wasted energy and serious pollution. People often want long, smouldering overnight burns. This is incompatible with complete combustion. Pyrolysis products and creosote can only be eliminated by completion of combustion at high temperatures and excess air. The chart below shows how thermally efficient (>85%) a wood stove can be when operated properly with a HB2 heat reclaiming system installed:

A Drolet Escape 1800 EPA certified stove was supplied by SBI for testing of the safe water heating system. A complete HB2 heat reclamation system was also installed. There were no visible emissions burning ash cordwood. Inspection of HB2 heat reclaimer tubes found no creosote or other matter. The tubes remained clean. This is essential when heat reclaimers are used. The ultimate wood stove heating system consists of an EPA emissions certified stove equipped with a SAFE water heating system and a HB2 heat reclamation unit with water heating coil. Heat your house and water with high efficiency (half the wood) while eliminating polluting smoke. Combine wood heat with solar heat for year round comfort at an affordable cost. Right hand picture shows two face cords of hardwood, enough to heat a 2,400 sq. ft. house the entire cold season.
Anyone who does not have access to natural gas can pay for the systems in less than three years, and remember that savings cannot be taxed!
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