Hot-Jacket water heater Woodstove Water Heater for woodstoves

Hot-Jacket Safe Water Heating System for Wood Stoves

Hot-Jacket is an innovative heavy duty system to heat water using a wood stove without the inherent dangers associated with coils in the firebox. The H-J system does not affect combustion process, and heat transfer can be turned ON/OFF using a temperature switch. Hot air coming off the firebox is collected and drawn through a finned coil heat exchanger located at back of firebox. It is not possible to develop dangerous pressures by this method.
Installation is straight forward: Place top piece on top of stove. Round hole goes over flue collar. Then slide heat exchanger box over top piece to suspend it. Attach side “wings” to top piece. Connect 110 V AC power to blower in heat exchanger box. Connect water tubes (5/8 OD copper) to your circulation system. Install simple temperature switch or controller, if needed, to turn blower ON/OFF.
Our customers typically recover 9-12 kW (30,000 - 40,000 BTU/h) for water heating. This is similar to an average domestic water heater.

Examples of suitable wood stoves - Side and rear shields and loading over depth

Heat even more water by installation of a Heat-Booster unit equipped with a water heating coil. Recover up to 20 kW or 70,000 BTU/h with a combined system. A dual coil system is suitable for pool heating.
Installation is easy.

Place top section (1) on top of stove.
Slide heat exchanger unit (2) over top section.
Attach side collectors (3).
Connect water tubes.
Connect 110 V AC power.
Circulation pump not included.


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