Information about wood burning, and how to do it efficiently!

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How to burn wood properly to avoid creosote and polluting smoke.
Learn about wood combustion in wood stoves.
How to connect a Differential Temperature Controller
How to program Differential Temperature Controller
How to wire blowers
How to install HB systems
Picture of Draft-Booster with dimensions.
Water heating using Heat-Booster systems
Stove dimensions required to determine if a Hot-Jacket fits a stove.
See the type of woodstove that is best suited for Hot-Jacket systems.
Temperature controllers for Heat-Booster blowers. Turns blower ON/OFF.
Our first Heat-Booster..
Carbon Dioxide is a minor "greenhouse gas". Science settled long ago. Water is the major one.
HB2 Efficiency shown graphically
Example of a temperature controller with PID. Type K thermocouple + SSR
Draft-Booster test unit in action. Easy installation
Heat-Booster Water Heater. Reclaim waste heat and make hot water.
Draft-Booster in action. See the difference it makes!
Heat-Booster on The Durango Stove. How it works. 90% thermal efficiency!
See dimensions of a finned Copper coil that is available from Heat-Booster. Contact us.
Water heating coil for stove tops. Passive. See dimensions.
1/16 DIN Junction Box Cover. 45 mm by 45 mm cutout. Price is $CAD9.00
Make a Smoker. How to make a very good smoker on the cheap!