Heat swimming pools with wood stoves! Pool Heating with Woodstoves - The safe way!


Heat-Booster uses external heat transfer via hot air to heat water circulated through finned coils. This method is safe, and it does not interfere with the combustion process. The ultimate system also recovers heat from flue gases to heat water.

A Heat-Booster reclaimer provides a very high thermal efficiency that is unmatched by anything in the market. See our Hot-Jacket page for the best type of wood stove to use. Note that non-EPA type stoves produce creosote that will foul the reclaimer when operated at low burning rates. We strongly recommend use of EPA certified stoves for many reasons.
Easy to install: Pass a side stream to filter through coils, that is all!
Most of the heat (energy) released by burning in the wood stove will be transferred to the pool water. Install system in a metal shed for best results. The Draft-Booster eliminates need for a high chimney.
Water is only heated if blower is running. Simple, inexpensive (<$25) temperature controllers can be used to operate blower and to control hot air temperatures. One or two circulating pumps can be used. Heat your house, water, pool or hot-tub with this safe water heating system that does not affect the combustion process. The Heat-Booster reclaimer increases the thermal efficiency of the wood stove. This is particularly true at high burning rates. CONTACT US FOR PRICING!

Heat-Booster has also developed a very effective solar pool (water) heating system. Sun heats air in a special solar high efficiency collector, and the hot air is circulated through a heat exchanger, like the ones used with wood stoves for water heating. Convective heat losses from the collectors are very low. More info to follow in the near future.

This pool is kept warm with a 7 m2 (75 ft2) collector area