The Draft-Booster

The Draft-Booster is a venturi type gas mover that uses air flow to create a draft. There is nothing in flue gas path. Unit mounts on top of chimney and is fastened with metal straps. System is safe as any leakage is into the chimney. Connect 110 V AC power to unit. Blower speed can be controlled (optional, not included). Constructed using stainless steel. Heavy Duty.
We recommend the use of a countdown timer to turn OFF Draft-Booster when fuel in stove has been burned.
A Draft-Booster is highly recommended when a Heat-Booster reclaimer is installed. This is to compensate for reduced draft as a result of cooler flue gases and pressure drop in reclaimer.
Ventilate basement air that may have high Radon concentrations in situations where wood stove is located in a basement. Eliminate smoke smelling down-drafts. Easy to install. Place on top of chimney and attach metal straps to blower housing and to chimney using a hose clamp.
COMING SOON: A Draft-Booster with remote blower. No electricals or moving parts on top of chimney! Download (205 Mb .mov file) to see how it works. See new Draft-Booster on YouTube.


Draft-Booster is making a big difference! “Do not burn without it”

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